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ecovisit.se is based in Växjö, Sweden.

The easiest way to contact us is via e-mail:

Guest Bloggers:
ecovisit.se welcomes guest bloggers who are interested in a sustainable lifestyle and who want to promote the sustainable Småland in large and small.
Solgerd Isalv
My name is Solgerd and I am the first, proud guest blogger on ecovisit.se. I live in Gothenburg but has indelibleNorrbotten roots, which tend to shine through in my posts. Most of all, I am a woman between 20-30 with all that it implies politically and socially. Next I am a cultural worker, more specifically an opera singer, and then an ecologist and finally an environmental activist.
It is important to me to live with as small ecological footprint as possible, even when I’m out travelling. I look forward to blogging about my quest to make the world a more environmentally sustainable place. More about me: www.solgerd.com
Viktor Korsgård Magnusson
Viktor Korsgård Magnusson is studying at the Danish National School of Theatre in Copenhagen. Before and during training, he has worked for the Scanian Opera, Malmö City Theater and Kristianstad Theater. Does Green Theater exist? It is something that Viktor would like to take a look at, after graduation. One example would be reusing materials and parts from the decorations. Furthermore, theaters should continue to work on replacing all their lights to new LED technology. There are ways to go also for the theater.

ecovisit.se är baserat i Växjö.

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