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The Eco-travel HandbookHandbok för ekoresor

Christmas is upon us and a current topic is of course Christmas gifts. For those who want to know more about eco-travels and eco-tourism and over Christmas would like to dream about inspiring holidays ecovisit.se can recommend The Eco-Travel Handbook by Alastair Fuad-Luke. The book addresses several aspects of ”green travelling” from daily commuting to […]

Climate smart fast foodKlimatsmart snabbmat

Also this week ecovisit.se welcomes Solgerd Isalv as guest blogger. How difficult it can be to find climate friendly food when traveling is discussed below.

Sometimes it is impossible to go by train, then train as a phenomenon does not fit into our up beat-reality. I unwillingly magnifies my ecological footprint significantly with a number […]

Organic makeupEkologiskt smink

Gästbloggare Solgerd Isalv:

En hållbar livsstil innebär så många saker för mig. Det innebär att jag inte vill konsumera mer än nödvändigt. Samtidigt vill jag inte föra ett asketiskt leverne, men jag har ett ont öga till Mammon och vill att de produkter jag ändå konsumerar ska vara så miljövänliga som möjligt, och dessutom så […]

Bicycle taxiCykeltaxi

This summer the citizens of Växjö and Kalmar have been able to take a bicycle taxi. The bikes are fitted with an electric motor that helps the driver when necessary. A great way to transport oneself quiet, pleasant and environmentally friendly in the city center.

Now summer is over. It is mid-October, but not particularly […]